Rhew appointed as an Associate Editor for Biogeosciences

(August 17, 2023) Rob Rhew is pleased to join the editorial board of Biogeosciences.

Rhew was appointed as an Associate Editor for Biogeosciences, a peer review journal of the European Geosciences Union that specializes in research involving the interactions between the biosphere and the rest of the Earth system. As their website describes: “Biogeosciences (BG) is a not-for-profit international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of research articles, short communications, and review papers on all aspects of the interactions between the biological, chemical, and physical processes in terrestrial or extraterrestrial life with the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. The objective of the journal is to cut across the boundaries of established sciences and achieve an interdisciplinary view of these interactions. Experimental, conceptual, and modelling approaches are welcome.”

Rhew was attracted to the journal Biogeosciences because of the subject matter (trace gas biogeochemistry is our lab’s area of expertise), the breadth (interdisciplinary, international, wide range of measurement and modeling techniques), and the ethos (open access and volunteer-based). The Co-editors-in-chief for Biogeosciences are: Steven Bouillon, Anja Rammig, Tina Treude & Sara Vicca.

Robert Rhew
Robert Rhew
Associate Professor

Professor Rhew is the Principal Investigator of the UC Berkeley Atmospheric Biogeochemistry Lab