Welcome to our new undergraduate research team

(September 18, 2023) Welcome to the new Atmospheric Biogeochemistry URAP cohort for fall 2023. These 5 undergraduates join the laboratory with a variety of backgrounds and majors, all bringing with them a commitment to careful scientific research, intellectual curiosity, and academic excellence.

The Atmospheric Biogeochemistry Laboratory welcomes these undergraduate researchers:
Tyler Liu, Senior, Chemistry and Music
Taleen Cochran, senior, Environmental Engineering Science
Selena Shen, Junior, Chemical Engineering (Minor in Data Science)
Genevieve (Gigi) Porter, Senior, Environmental Earth Science and French
Charlie Diaz, Sophomore, Environmental Earth Science and Marine Science

These 5 new members were selected through the competitive Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP). They immediately started working on characterizing, calibrating, and fixing two laser based instruments to measure CO2, CH4, CO and H2O. They will soon be developing equipment to handle incubations of wetland soils, which will be used to study hydrologic regulation of trace gas emissions.

Front row (L to R): Taleen and Selena
Back row (L to R): Charlie, Tyler, Rob and Gigi

Robert Rhew
Robert Rhew
Associate Professor

Professor Rhew is the Principal Investigator of the UC Berkeley Atmospheric Biogeochemistry Lab